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A-Southern Fence Wooden Fence Installation

Fencing Installation and Replacement

Removing an old fence and installing a new one, can be a difficult and tedious job. Our professional installation team is experienced in all situations – fencing on slopes, on wet ground, meeting city permit guidelines and more.

we offer a variety of fencing materials, gates, and accents to ensure your new fence exceeds expectations. Whatever type of fence you choose, we guarantee the quality and durability of our materials and will have your replacement fence installed quickly.

A-Southern Fence Wooden Fence Installation

Fence Staining

We proudly offer Wood Defender Stains as an option on all our wood fences and decks. The benefits of Wood Defender Stains include: Uniform Application, Waterproofs your fence, Mildew Resistant, Shields U.V. rays, Stabilizes wood color, Restores weathered wood, and Special formulation for extreme climates.

A-Southern Fence Wooden Deck Installation

Patio & Deck Installation

We will assist you with the design process. You can decide the type of wood, how to orient the planks, whether or not to have your deck fenced, rounding of the edges, and much more. Whatever decisions you make for your deck, our team offers exceptional quality and exquisite craftsmanship every step of the way. We will help you turn your backyard into a outdoor paradise.

A-Southern Fence Pergola Installation

Pergolas & Arbors Installation

A great way to spruce up your DFW home is by adding an arbor. Arbors are very inviting and offer a gracious welcome for guests. Arbors come in various sizes and shapes including round, square, triangular, herringbone and many more. Arbors can also feature seats, planter boxes and swings.

A custom pergola can add just the right amount of shade to your yard, giving you instant relief from the sun when needed. Pergolas are great for sunny yards, pool decks and can even be constructed to compliment your multi-tiered deck.

All of our arbors and pergolas are custom designed to match your home and landscaping and come with a warranty.


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